P002What it does?

At present, pilot plants are under construction for demonstration. The purpose of this demonstration is to display the strength of this technology in any environment. This will also showcase the inherent strengths that will allow the company and its technology to be implemented in many different and new ways never before imagined.

Plants and facilities will be suitably enclosed with all protective systems in compliance with all statutory requirements and international standards. As a global, pioneer projects, the final operating plants and future facilities will consist of state of the art materials and technology.

Production of hydrogen for power and transportation purpose

The power of this technology is due to the extremely low cost production techniques that are employed. Himonic will now has the potential to make hydrogen available to other industries that previously could not have tapped this resource due to the costs of production involved in producing hydrogen (95% of hydrogen is made from reprocessing natural gas).

Where will it go?

The future of this technology is only limited by the financial capital available to the company. The potential for this new fuel can be seen as limited only by the size of the oceans that can potentially be tapped as a fuel source.
Currently we are working to design and retrofit this proprietary technology, with minimal capital outlays and time, in various industries. What this does is eliminate the need for complete redesign of industiral plants and produces an immediately cost savings to all those involved in the operations of the plants in addition to emissions reductions.

What about pollution?

ZERO. Neither the production side, nor the consumption side of the technologies equation produces any measurable amount of pollution. No CO2, NOx, SOx nor any other typical fossil fuel pollutant will be produced by any of the technologies.