These technologies are ready to be deployed at a moment’s notice and Himonic is currently in negotiations with several major corporations and countries globally. The technical barriers have been solved and the company is seeking to find the right project that will highlight both the cost savings and environmental benefits of implementing these technologies.

    The technology was subjected to a detailed analysis, by reckoned experts in the field, and laboratory tests were conducted to identify the features of the end use possibilities. Finally, the prototypes were set up in the USA, and the actual production was monitored and tested by several experts in the pertinent fields. After these protocols were completed, the technology was certified for commercial operations. The salient features of the production technology and end results are:

    • Provides onsite generation of Hydrogen
    • The technologies are scalable, on-demand and unlimited
    • Decentralized production approach
    • Production method is 100% pollution free and environmentally safe
    • Every component of the Hydrogen generator facility will be constructed, installed, configured and implemented using state-of-the art technology and safety standards